Court Doesn’t Recognize Rabbi Lookstein’s Geirus

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Despite pressure from various corners, the Supreme Rabbinical Court of Israel has upheld a lower court’s ruling not to recognize a geirus performed by Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, rov of Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The woman, called only Nicole, will have to undergo a giyur l’chumra to remove any safeik over the initial geirus.

She had to reaffirm her commitment to kabbolas ohl mitzvos in the court’s presence. The court accepted her testimony as “sincere” and said it will now allow her to marry.


David Steger – Israel


  1. Big issues. Minds who have questions about another’s jewish status are very concerned.

    This world is so bad with reform conversions and conservative. The jewish family is ruined.

    No one can ever have peace with the unorthodox. They want it their day. Its like Burger King for the neshama. The pickles are not kept joyful.

    How absurd. I know many who tell me their kids are jewish but the mother has a reform conversion (slightly off topic). It directs only hate to the orthodox.

    This is terrible and we really need more public awareness that no conservative or reform conversion is jewish. Only it probably makes no difference. The culpable will just make hate more maven for their laugh and go to reform or conservative synagogues where they can be given flattery again happy for their lazy hate.

  2. David, politics is about being popular. This was the opposite. It was about following the Torah despite unpopularity.


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