Court Rejects Azariya’s Appeal

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An army court of appeals in Tel Aviv on Sunday rejected an appeal by former IDF Sergeant Elor Azariya of a manslaughter conviction handed down in January over his shooting of a wounded Arab terrorist in March 2016.

In its decision Sunday, the appeals court also refused to reduce Azariya’s sentence, saying that his 18-month jail term would remain in place pending an appeal from the prosecution, which has called for it to be increased, recommending three years imprisonment.

“The shooting of the terrorist was done out of vengeance,” the court ruled. “The Appellant did not act out of a sense of fear or sense of danger.”

“”He waited two minutes after he heard the calls of warning about a bomb until shooting. It was rightly determined that there was no justification for the shooting. The court added that “he acted coolly and slowly, and this behavior does not align with that of someone who feels threatened.” In addition, the court said that Azariya had not acted in accordance with army firing protocol.

Azariya will be able to submit a special request to the Supreme Court or the IDF Chief of Staff. Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Wow, this is what we have come to. When someone saves lives, he goes to jail. This is the biggest motivation for terrorism! Terrorists now know that the soldiers are a lot more reluctant to shoot them. Terrible decision, this is putting lives at risk. The international community isn’t looking at Israel any better now. You won’t see any kudos from the US or the UK.

  2. The underlying problem is the judenrat. If there was no islamonazis, the judenrat would have imported some other Jew haters into Eretz Yisroel.

  3. And these Zionists want us to serve in their army and be put in hail for killing armed terrorists. Zionists have no Torah values. Don’t serve In the Zionists machine.

  4. Such fools.

    Those court should be killed because they have no right to put an idf soldier in jail for his act of human decency.

    You think you’re having hamas praise you for the imprisonment of one of your so called “own?” The opposite. Hamas will use this as a tool to radicalize even more seamless terrrorsists to commit murder.

    That terrorist did not deserve to live. The soldier ended his life because he tried to end a Jewish persons life.

    According to the Torah you have an obligation to kill those who try to kill you. If only the courts followed the Torah.

  5. Israel are their own worst enemy.
    Capitulation to the NY Times has not garnered them the love and adoration they were seeking. I never realized how STUPID they could be. It’s no wonder, normal sane people hate the corrupt State of Israel. Why should I make an aliyah? Why? I can’t tolerate living under such an evil empire. We’re not talking about the Kedusha of Eretz Yisroel. We’re talking about the apikorsim that are running the pathetic government over there. When there is no Torah, there is no siyata dishmaya.


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