Court Rules: New Elections in Beit Shemesh

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moshe-abutbulA Yerushalayim court ruled today that the city of of Beit Shemesh will hold new elections. Those who called for reelections said that attempts at major fraud on voting day meant the results of the vote could not be trusted.

On election day, several men in possession of a about 200 fake ID cards were arrested. Also, some locals said that when they had come to vote, they had been wrongly told that they had already voted.

Moshe Abutbul beat Eli Cohen by 956 votes. Cohen accused Abutbul and his campaign of carrying out the fraud.

Supporters of Abutbul are livid over the court decision, while non-chareidim and anti-chareidim are euphoric. MK Dov Lipman of Yesh Atid, who lives in Beit Shemesh, welcomed the ruling and said that the winner “will be accepted by every resident of the city no matter his affiliation.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Please recognize that we, the people who live in Bet Shemesh and voted, do not want to fight with one another. Given the facts on the ground, a revote may be the best way to determine the emes, so let’s do it the right way. With ahavas yisrael and emes.

    Almost everyone I have spoken with across Bet Shemesh, Ramat Aleph and Ramat Bet do not want another dirty election campaign. The last campaign was full of sheker. We do not want more lashon hara and rechilus, more sinas chinam.

    Please remember in your comments that we, those who this impacts, do not want or appreciate negativity. BS and RBS are beautiful places to live with incredible chessed and ahavas yisrael.

    We just want to determine the emes, and move on with our lives.

  2. Good, common sense. The people who really voted will vote again for their candidate, and any doubts will be avoided. Then the city can get on with being the fine place that it basically is.

  3. #1
    Unsurprised ,that You’re joined with the Satan in giving out titles

    It’s his old business

    A technique of the psychological war against those who are real jews

    The is the First Revote in 65 years of the STATE!

    For example


    “In his press conference on Tuesday 16 Adar 5773, Bayit HaYehudi leader Naftali Bennett explained “unfortunately we are not immune” in addressing allegations of voter fraud in his party’s primary election race. Bennett has also been addressing the ongoing police investigation on his Facebook page.

    The news of possible voter fraud involving veteran NRP MK Nissim Slomiansky seems to be snowballing, and Bayit Yehudi is in the midst of the election fraud storm. Bennett has admitted that during the primary election period he had suspicions of inappropriate activities, which led him to hire a private investigator. He adds that the issues were addressed and correct, and in his effort to exhibit an air of transparency, he added that “thousands of voter ballots were tossed” to make sure any ballot that was questionable was not counted.

    Police seem to feel there is sufficient evidence to push the case against Slomiansky, who continues to maintain his innocence, expressing his commitment to cooperate with police in any way possible, confident of his innocence. Nevertheless, what has so many people baffled is the fact that Slomiansky, who presents the old guard National Religious Party was not only successful in landing a realistic slot on the party ticket, but he came in first place against many of the more popular newer generation MKs..”

  4. Unbelievable !

    In every election during the years of and prior to the medina BAR NONE,there HAS been and is Fraud,going back at least to ’31,when Jabotinzky himself stood up and tore up his Zionist membership card in disgust at the Mapai’s machinations!

    When Will they redo all those votes?!

    The Marxist scoffing at law,and the policy of Power justify any means,has been part and parcel of the State atmosphere,

    means that for decades vote tampering or worse by the Labor/Left was laudable as long as it remained hush hush

    (the ever gullible americans and westerners maybe will wake up someday!)

    The war against the real religious is continuing forward particularly psychological.

    We’re more than content to have had an immediate vote recount,if we could trust the those counting.
    We Don’t.
    Too much experience .
    (Bring in honest fellows like Benny Begin or Uzi Landau to run it, then it would plausibly be okay.
    But of course that would complete ruin their purpose)

    The war against the charedim is continuing forward on every front starting with psychological.

    I recall in one election, in Bat Yam alone 4 different arrests for vote tampering ,still did anyone feign a new claim for new election?!

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