COVID-19 Mutation May Be Evolving To Bypass Mask-Wearing, Hand-Washing

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A new COVID-19 mutation appears to be even more contagious, according to a study — and experts say it could be a response by the virus to defeat masks and other social-distancing efforts.

Scientists in a paper published Wednesday identified a new strain of the virus, which accounted for 99.9 percent of cases during the second wave in the Houston, Texas, area, the Washington Post reported.

The paper, which has not been peer-reviewed, said people with the strain, known as the D614G mutation, had higher loads of virus — suggesting it is more contagious.

Though the strain isn’t more deadly, researchers said it appeared to have adapted better to spread among humans.

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  1. Why is this a “new” strain? It is easy to find an article in Nature dated 20 August that describes the thing and its prevalence in Europe already by then.

    • Prove it that masks work. They don’t protect you nor others. Get it into your head. They’re made to protect doctors and surgeons when they work with sick patience.
      I know several people who religiously wear masks when they step out of their homes – which is not often, only to daven with a small 10 people minion – and are sick in bed with pneumonia, blood clots, aka covid. How is that?

      • Not sure how I could prove anything to you. If you tell me the sort of info you’re looking for, I will try to provide references for you (not now, as in my timezone is getting late). We have been wearing masks and myself and my family are healthy, of course being healthy and staying healthy is always a miracle, but that statement is not a reason for jumping off the window, or for doing something foolish during this epidemic. It is heartbreaking to hear about your friends, I am sorry to say they got it either from their family members or from their minyan. People who were exposed were sadly going around carelessly, and they still are. If someone is in the same house with someone else who has the virus, possibly with no symptoms, it is very difficult not to catch the virus, and you are right, in such a scenario a surgical mask will not be enough. Same thing with a minyan, talking creates a lot of aerosol and a surgical mask will not catch all of it, nor protect completely the wearer (it reduces the viral load, though). A N95 or even better N99 would work, but not for people with a beard. Of course it is difficult to tell healthy young men who feel mighty fine and who may possibly have been exposed or may not, that they should not participate in a minyan. These people should have figured out on their own, but there was not adequate information and many downplayed the virus. I don’t have a perfect solution, but I think we all have to stay healthy. Chasima Tova to you and yours and to everyone.

      • People in labs work with all sorts of deadly diseases, and of course with covid-19 too. Guess what they wear? Hint: N95 will filter out at least 95% of water-based aerosols. There are also for sale N99 (that filter 99%) and N100 (that filter 99.97%). Blocking the disease that an infected person will transmit has a similar efficiency if unvalved, while a valved mask should not be used by an infected patient especially if they are talking. We can still get infected if we want to, but in our days we are very lucky to have USEFUL masks that protect us against radioactive particles, harmful dusts (e.g. chemotherapy drugs), and yes, viruses as well.

        You may wonder how comes a virus or fine dust can be filtered if it is smaller than the fiber gaps? The answer is called electret. The fibers are produced in a way that leaves them electrostatically charged in a particular pattern. The outer layers reduce the velocity of the particle, which is then captured electrostatically, it gets attracted to the fibers and will never leave again. The mask needs to be replaced eventually because it gets clogged and is no longer within design loss of pressure (max breathing resistance is resp. 0.7 and 1 mbar at 30 l/min, which is like breathing on the 3rd floor as opposed to sea level), but not because it no longer filters.

  2. Huh? We were saying it all along that these diaper masks are useless; they don’t prevent the wearers and neither do they prevent others – and never did. Look how many people who’ve worn masks religiously have become sick. Masks and hand washing are only to calm the nerves of the fools who trust fake news, the CDC and Health Dept dumbly. But of course they wouldn’t publicly report the danger of wearing masks for more than a few minutes.


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