Covington Teenager Sues NBC For $275M, Lawyer Says

A crowd of teenagers surrounded a Native American elder and other activists and mocked them after Friday's Indigenous Peoples March at the Lincoln Memorial. nick sandmann

An attorney representing Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann said Wednesday that he filed a $275 million defamation lawsuit against NBC Universal on Sandmann’s behalf.

“NBCUniversal’s attacks on Nicholas included at least fifteen defamatory television broadcasts, six defamatory online articles, and many tweets falsely accusing Nicholas and his Covington Catholic High School (‘CovCath’) classmates of racists acts,” the complaint states.

According to the lawsuit, Sandmann is seeking $75 million in compensatory damages and $200 million in punitive damages.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. This kid and his lawyer are in la la land trying to get a big payday. Being besmirched for a few days isn’t worth billions of dollars. The world long ago forgot about him and moved on. People get killed by negligence and only get a few million. He should get over himself. And I watched the whole video. Maybe he didn’t start the confrontation, but he definitely looked very smug and standing in their face unlike all his other friends.


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