Crash Victim Thanks Public for Their Tefillos

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Dear Matzav Readers,

Many of you know me as Yehuda Nesanel ben Basha Baila, as you have been davening for me since the car accident at the beginning of June that almost took my life.

Those in the medical field attest that the fact that I am writing this note at this juncture is miraculous. I say that it is thanks to all of your tefillos. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Jews around the world, most of whom do not know me, who have davened for me. It is deeply touching to hear that my name for Tehillim was spotted in shuls in Williamburg, Boro Park, the Five Towns, Lakewood, Yerushalayim and beyond. Thank you for taking my plight to heart and pleading with Hashem to demonstrate His rachamim and send me a refuah.

I feel blessed to have been able to bentch Gomel this past week.

This has been a trying and challenging period in so many ways, but the selflessness of our caring nation and the warm sentiments expressed to me and my family will never be forgotten.

Thank you.


Yehuda Nesanel ben Basha Baila



  1. Baruch Hashem! It’s so wonderful to hear good news. I’m sorry that I personally didn’t continue davening for you, it kind of got lost in the overwhelming press of things, and I had no reminders. How are you these days? Your updating is so good to hear. May you continue going mei’chayil el chayil and know no more suffering.

  2. Thank you so much for letting us know. It is so special of you to express gratitude. Are you completely healed and want your name removed from Tehillim lists (you are on mine), or are you b”H well on your way, but could still use Am Yisroel’s continued tefillos towards a refuah sheleimah?

  3. I was SO happy to read this. Just know, tefillos have also been coming from all parts of Eretz Yisroel! When I read what happened, I began saying Yehuda Nesanel ben Basha Baila every day in my Shmoneh Esrei. I know from personal experience that our very compassionate Father in Heaven truly listens.
    May HaKB”H continue to give you a refuah shlaimah and long years ad meah v’esrim in good health and strength. Hang in there with all the rehab. Much Brocha V’hatzlachah.

  4. Baruch Hashem! After reading the original story, I began davening for you. I don’t usually take on names but I did and have been until last week. So happy to see an update and may Hashem give you a complete Refuah shleima!


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