CRAZY: Minneapolis City Council Members Announce Intent To Disband The Minneapolis Police Department

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Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council announced their support for disbanding the Minneapolis Police Department at a rally Sunday afternoon in Powderhorn Park, KSTP reports.

City Council President Lisa Bender and City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins were joined on stage by Council Members Alondra Cano, Philippe Cunningham, Jeremiah Ellison, Steve Fletcher, Cam Gordon and Jeremy Schroeder at the end of the rally to announce their intent to end the Minneapolis Police Department through a budgetary process.

They said they would divert those funds toward a community-based public safety model. “This council is going to dismantle this police department,” Ellison said. Read more at KSTP.



  1. murderers, burglars, child abusers, bank robbers, etc. pack your tools and head to Minneapolis. It’s open season. We conservatives will cheer you on if you set your sights on liberal Democrats. When you’re done there, we’ll push for a similar move in our own locales.

    • Forget burglers, robbers. Shuls, Camps, Stores,Chasene etc. lets move to Minneapolis . Sounds good to me not bad.

  2. Just like with COVID, each state or locality will go its own way. Most of us think that this change will be a disaster, but let’s wait and see. Maybe we’ll be in for a surprise, or maybe the Minnesotans will be. We will all learn from the experiment.

    I’m glad Minneapolis is trying it first, and not NYC. Big changes made in the heat of passion are usually mistakes. “Act in haste, repent at leisure.”

  3. Sounds crazy???
    Welll it’s happening in the USA soon
    Along with all the other liberal left agendas…

    What was once considered crazy is today normal

  4. This is patently insane. Nebach when the murder rate goes up a zillion percent, they’ll see who was really making them unsafe. This is uncomparable in its lunacy

    • Nah, they won’t see. The black on black murder rate is currently over 2500% higher than police on black fatality rate, but they still support this. Nobody has ever accused then of intelligence.

    • > Shmerel

      The official statistics come from official sources – that is, police reports and courts cases. So if there are no police then there are no police reports and there are no court cases and so the official statistics will shows zero homicides.

  5. I am not in Minneapolis. Let them decide what they want. If it does not work it will discourage similar initiatives elsewhere. If it does work, for example because they dismantle the incompetent, corrupt and evil police and replace it with something else with a different name but still less incompetent / corrupt / evil, then others will follow suit, and they will have an experience to learn from.

  6. It’s happening in New York as well. You vote democRATic you get what’s coming. This idiotic mayor and the liberal city council are not far off. The police will be restricted soon to carry guns and will have to coach bank robbers to leave banks while liberal judges release them without bail. America is history.

  7. The disbanding of the Minneapolis Police Department is more likely than not the draining of the swamp by the Trump Administration and not by City Council members for crimes against humanity much worse than can be reported – like crimes of those elite who were executed.


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