CRISIS: Coronavirus Cases Are Spiking In Israel Rabbi Yitzchok Scheiner Speaks About The Situation

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Dear Fellow Jew,

The second wave of coronavirus is now a reality in many parts of the world! Our Brethren in Eretz Yisroel were hit really hard. Each passing day the infection rate is going up and up. The goverment has already locked down many neighborhoods, and is considering a national lockdown. This has resulted in many Families losing their livelihoods once again.

Currently more than 1,000,0000 people are unemployed, that is about 20% of the country! Among these people, there are many people who are already living in a very precarious situation! There is a real health crisis, but the social crisis is already there and is devastating among the Israeli population!

These struggling families have no idea how they’ll be able to get through this. Their children are asking for the same bread and cereal but so far they haven’t been able to buy any. Their infants cry for their formula bottles but they haven’t able to get any.


Please answer the Call of Harav Yitzchok Scheiner Shlita.

Take part in this holy work by donating generously, and helping your fellow jew weather this storm. In this zechus may you merit Gezunt Parnassah and Nachas.

Please help provide for these families with dignity by sponsoring a package of essentials.

Sponsor groceries for a family in need for- $150

2 Families for -$300

5 Families for- $750

10 Families for- $1500

20 Families for-$3000

100 Families for $15,000


To verify this campaign please call: 1718-431-1575

Donations can also be made to Gomlei Chesed fund 2750 by phone at 1718-431-1575 or by mailing a check to Gomlei Chesed 4920 15th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219


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