Crowd Funding For Chillul Shabbos

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In defiance of Shabbos, the “Let’s Move” cooperative company operates bus routes between various locations which are not served by regular companies due to Israel’s religious status quo agreement. Working as a cooperative provides a loophole which exempts Let’s Move from prosecution. The company’s latest move was to raise $87,000 in crowdfunding to open more bus lines, Times of Israel reported. One new line will run from southern Tel Aviv to Yafo, another will go from Be’er Sheva to the beaches of Ashkelon, and a third route is to be determined by a public survey in June.

Let’s Move began its operations in June 2015 with a line linking Tel Aviv to nearby Ramat Gan and Givatayim. A similar service dubbed “Shabbus” has provided Shabbos transport in Yerushalayim since 2015.

Surveys conducted by the Smith Polling Institute found that the percentage of Jews agreeable to public Shabbostransport rose from 58% in 2010 to 72% in 2016. 31% of the people surveyed in 2016 were agreeable to full scale public transportation on Shabbos while 41% were only amenable to partial transportation on limited central bus lines and on a smaller scale.

{ Israel News} 


  1. GoFundme shut down the crowdfunding for the Oregon Bakery and other similar “discriminators'”
    And Although this goes even more against a State’s Regulations
    but Of Course this is completely different


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