Crown Heights: ‘Fill it Up’ – At $20 Per Gallon

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crown-heights-gasBrooklyn, NY – The gas shortage is certainly bringing about the creative spirit among New Yorkers.

With gas scarce these past few days, many Crown Heights residents could be seen doing their erev Shabbos errands by foot.

Crown Heights local Schneur Minsky was seen driving, but it was a small electric powered golf cart.

On Friday afternoon, an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit parked on President Street and Kingston Avenue to sell gas to those desperate enough to spend $20 per gallon.

“The police soon showed up,” a passerby told COLlive. “R’ Yisroel Shemtov was there, and he offered them to buy gas too.”

In the days before Hurricane Sandy was expected, NY Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued an open letter to vendors in areas forecast to be affected by Hurricane Sandy to warn against price gouging, the inflation of the price of necessary goods and services.


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  1. If people and companies could sell gas at any price, there would be no shortage. Companies from all over America would come to ny,nj and sell for a profit and the shortage would have been over already . But the law is against you.

  2. That was not gouging. It was apparently a private individual that drove his own pickup truck laden with an oversized canister to another state to buy gas, and then returned to NY to sell at a profit. He is not a gas station. He is a private citizen flipping a commodity at a profit. Very different from established vendors with deliveries to their stations exploiting shortages to gouge their customers. I happen to think that gas stations should have been allowed to mark up price to whatever their losses were from the days they had to shut. Unless they sold so much in a couple days to compensate that loss.

  3. His religion is irrelevant. There was nothing wrong with what he did to feed his family. The people who got gas from him were grateful. I promise you that.


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