Cruz Ballot Challenge Goes to NY Court

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A New York judge will hear arguments Tuesday in a case challenging Sen. Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be in New York’s Republican presidential primary.

Cruz, who was born in Canada, is still scheduled to appear on the ballot come April 19, but two citizens contend the senator is not a “natural-born citizen” because his mother was a U.S. citizen living in Alberta at the time of his birth.

Similarly, rival presidential candidate Donald Trump has tweeted: “Sadly, there is no way that Ted Cruz can continue running in the Republican primary unless he can erase doubt on eligibility. Dems will sue.” Read more at Newsday.

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  1. New York is corrupt as they come. They did the same thing, thanx to that dog, Rudy Giuliani, to Mike Huckabee, back in 08. Who the heck does NY thing they are? The Republican Party never counted in NY anyway. They can save a lot of money, cancel the voting, and just hand the election to whomever is running on the Democrat line. NY was NEVER won by the Republican Party since 1492, when Columbus first came to visit.

    • ” The Republican Party never counted in NY anyway”

      Governors Dewey, Rockefeller, Wilson, and Pataki might disagree. As might Mayors La Guardia, Lindsey, Giuliani, and Bloomberg. And Senators Ives, Keating, Javits, and D’Amato. And also the Republicans in the New York Senate who have had control of that body for all but three years since 1938.

      • Rockefeller, Wilson, Pataki, Lindsey, Giuliani, Javits, and D’Amato were all liberals, ultra liberals and/or RINO’s. Bloomberg is a Democrat no matter what party he registers with.
        ” The Republican Party never counted in NY anyway” is correct.


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