Cruz: I Won’t Be Trump’s ‘Servile Puppy’

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Sen. Ted Cruz fielded questions from the rest of the Lone Star State’s delegation at the Republican National Convention this morning about why he refused to endorse Donald Trump in his speech the night before.

“I wasn’t going to come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and father,”Cruz said, adding that his initial pledge to support the GOP nominee was not a “blanket commitment” and that he would not allow an attack on his family. “What does it say when I say ‘Vote your conscience’ and people start screaming?” he continued. At one point, when a questioner said, “Get over it, this is politics,” Cruzreportedly responded no, “This is not politics,” adding, “there is right and wrong.” Cruz said that he called Trump three days ago and informed him he wouldn’t endorse him. Read more at ABC NEWS.



  1. Look, I’m a Huckabee supporter but Cruz is %100 correct. The same thing with Jeb Bush. They both had serious unnecessary personal attacks against them, done in front of the entire Nation! I, for one, would NEVER forgive anybody who did such attacks against any of my family members. Adaraba, I have even more respect for Cruz for not being a political whore & acting as if everything is honky dory. Did Trump ever call Bush/Cruz/Rubio to apologize for his hurtful words?????????????? No, of course not!

  2. What would unify the republican party If donald trump would apologize to all of the candidates he insulted through the primaries. That should be done tonight at the convention.


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