CRY ME A RIVER: Hamas Upset Over Netanyahu’s Secret Saudi Arabia Visit

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The Gaza-based Hamas terrorist group lashed out Monday at Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

The trip, which saw Netanyahu meet with US State Secretary Mike Pompeo and, in a first, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was “dangerous,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhr declared Monday.

It also came as an “insult” to Arabs, he added, saying that Riyadh now must come up with a clarification on what had happened, accusing Saudi Arabia of affecting the Palestinian’s rights.

The statement followed a historic visit made by Netanyahu and Mossad chief Yossi Cohen on Sunday, when the two headed to the Saudi city of Neom for the secret high-profile meeting.

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  1. If the Saudis despise so deeply their fellow Muslim Palestinians, which they do, how can anyone be deluded they will be friends of Jews? This is the same government that wouldn’t allow any Jew in their country up until a few months ago!! They just want Iran to use up all their uranium and other weapons in a conflict with Israel R”L.
    We should say loud that the leadership of the Muslim world and the arguments between Muslim sovereign countries are none of our business. We should only care about the well-being of Jewish citizens of those countries, if any, and Israel should sign bilateral trade agreements and business cooperation in non-critical sectors with any country who is interested.
    Our enemies are all ready to get together to destroy us R”L……


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