Cuban Weapons Found on North Korean Ship

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cubaNo, this is not a riddle to fit all of the old Cold War conflicts into one sentence.

Cuba admitted today to supplying old Soviet-style weapons seized last week aboard a North Korean ship in the Panama Canal. If Cuba was going by the old “enemy of my enemy is my friend” proverb, it doesn’t really fit here, since the United Nations prohibits the supply of all weapons to North Korea.

The Cuban foreign ministry said in a statement the weapons were being sent to North Korea for repair, and that the ship’s main cargo was 10,000 tons of sugar.

The vessel, the Chong Chon Gang, left Russia in April and entered the canal in June, with Cuba as its stated destination, before disappearing off the radar. It resurfaced on July 11 before being searched a day later. Read more at BBC News.

{Andy Newscenter}


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