Cuomo Bans Stretch Limos After Deadly Crash

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a slew of new safety reforms for limos and large passenger vehicles, outright banning stretch limos and adding a number of regulatory reforms.

These reforms come three months after a limo crash in upstate New York led to the death of the driver and 19 passengers.

That crash, which took place near the town of Schoharie, was the deadliest transportation crash in the U.S. since 2009.

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  1. Oh no. So what will the little babies use on Purim night to collect money with? How will they get around? What about Chosson and Kalla?

    • Same thing with the TSA making every US citizen take off their shoes before going thru security. Because 1 shlimazel Muslim tried with a fake shoe bomb to scare passengers on a flight, we all suffer to this very day. Sick corrupt way of giving those purple gloved high school dropouts a minimum wage job.

  2. Can’t help wondering who made the determination that all stretch limos are unsafe and how that determination was made. The vehicle involved in the fatal crash had failed a safety inspection (and was being driven recklessly, too), so there has to be more to the ban than just that crash.

  3. Cuomo is a liar. He knows the truth that it was a terrorist act not a crash. A chlorine gas bomb exploded killing passengers. The limo itself was hardly destroyed.

  4. Hold on everyone – while you are all busy knocking the limos on Purim and after weddings have any of you read the new law????? Does this affect HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of us? This new law requires a special license for all vehicles carrying 8 or more. Does this mean all of us Yidden driving Odysseys or Siennas that are 8 seater’s will now have a problem?????? Or is it specifically just for 8 passengers meaning not including the driver so we are all ok?

  5. “We are advancing reforms that will give aggressive new powers that will allow authorities to take dangerous vehicles off the roads without delay, hold unscrupulous businesses accountable and increase public safety in every corner of New York,” Cuomo said.
    The changes ban “remanufactured limousines,” which include stretch limos and stretch SUV-type vehicles, from operating in New York state.
    Drivers will have to have a special form of a commercial license that notes they are able to operate vehicles holding eight or more passengers.
    The reforms specify penalties for removing out-of-service stickers issued by Department of Transportation inspectors, creates an inspection fee, and allows the DOT and DMV to seize suspended license plates, among other regulatory changes.
    Some of the new reforms apply to vehicles beyond just stretch limos, as it prohibits U-turns for larger vehicles on all roads in the state — without specifying what qualifies as “larger vehicles” — and gets rid of the seatbelt exemption that had been in place for limos, buses, taxis and school buses.


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