Cuomo Blocks 5-Cent ‘Bag Tax’

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New York City’s 5-cent bag fee has been sacked, the NY Post reports. Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday signed a bill blocking the city from imposing the fee for at least a year, saying it makes more sense to come up with a program statewide.

“The law was drafted so that merchants keep the five cent fee as profit, instead of the money being used to solve the problem of plastic bags’ environmental impact – essentially amounting to a $100 million per year windfall to merchants,” Cuomo said.

The “bag tax” bill passed the City Council 28-20, only to be blocked by the state legislature. It was scheduled to take effect today. Read more at the NY Post.


  1. Wow! Boruch Hashem! About the best thing cuomo ever did. Thank you senator simcha felder for fighting this tax since its inception. Too bad his original bill never made it to the assembly. That bill would have permanently abolished making a tax in ny state on bags. This one is only for 1year. The next city council can vote to reinstate the bag tax. The only way to prevent it now is to vote those 28 council members out in next years election. If these liberal minded idiots are voted out of office, we wont have to worry about a bag tax!

  2. Thank you Governor for standing up to the moron occupying Gracie Mansion. Thank you for saying no to the absolutely corrupt City Council. The City Council should really be abolished and save the taxpayers millions on worthless salaries. They do nothing except feed off the most vulnerable. It has been proven that they are corrupt thru and thru. Pheh.

  3. Yep… this bag tax is such a scam. I live in LA and NO ONE has reduced their plastic bag use. It’s a gimmick that allows stores to sell their “reusable” (disgusting , germ-breeding) bags for 1.99$ a piece. It’s a hassle for frugal consumers who always need to have bags in their cars, and an unnecessary expense for people who forget/don’t bring bags.

    NY, consider yourself lucky.


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