Cuomo Calls On Schneiderman To Resign


New York governor Andrew Cuomo is calling for Eric Schneiderman‘s resignation following the harrowing new report on the Attorney General’s abusive behavior towards four women.

“No one is above the law,” Cuomo says in his statement.


  1. Who would’ve believed such a thing?! Eric Schneiderman?! how is it possible?? How the mighty have fallen! You know at this rate who knows…. Maybe one day it will come to light that even someone as righteous looking as mueller and comey and mccabe are really just leftist thugs who try to abuse their power and positions to further their political agenda. I still can’t believe that someone like peter strozk could do that. what has the world come to?
    B’kitzur they’re all a bunch of mushchasim, on power trips, and as their power grows so does their egos, so they’re really never satisfied. This applies to almost all of them from top to bottom. A few good men here and there, but the rest……


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