Cuomo Meets With Admorim of Satmar and Pupa


cuomo-satmar-small1Andrew Cuomo has been spending much of the afternoon meeting privately with the different leaders of the Orthodox Jewish sects, including the admorim of Satmar and with the Pupa Rebbe.

Vito Lopez, the embattled Brooklyn Democratic Party chairman, was with Cuomo at the meeting with the Pupa Rebbe.

Another source said Cuomo was being squired by Rabbi David Niederman, of the United Jewish Organization in Willimasburg.

cuomo-satmar-rav-aharonSources familiar with the meetings said Lopez also showed up at a meeting of Vienner chassidim. Cuomo met with Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar, who was in Williamsburg today (Lopez was not at this meeting).

Another source said Lopez was not invited by Team Cuomo, and instead showed up at the other three by request of Jewish leaders.

Cuomo also met with Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum of Satmar.



  1. Like….who cares?????
    I’ts all in Hashem’s hands…promises, promises….the fate of the city, state, nation, world…..we are all points in a strategic maze….be it Cuomo or the other….we got to do some hishdatlus….leave the rest up to Him….
    Trust me, It doesn’t matter who is gonna occupy the office…..everyone has a vested interest in their own group or thing….and then we move on….


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