Cuomo To Meet With NY Orthodox Jewish Community Following Flare-Up In Cases

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that while the state has remained at or around a 1 percent infection rate for months, the 20 zip codes where there have been the newest outbreaks are closer to 5 percent.

Specifically, Cuomo mentioned Rockland, Orange, Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn, and New York counties as areas they’re going to keep an eye on in the coming days with targeted enforcement.

“Now that we have this information, we’re going to aggressively target these clusters,” he said. “These are embers that are starting to catch fire in dry grass, so we’re going to send all the fire fighting equipment and personnel to those embers to stamp them out right away.”

Cuomo cited recent religious gatherings as a possible cause of the spread after photos circulated of hundreds congregating without socially distancing themselves or wearing face coverings.

“When you look at these clusters and zip codes, you see an overlap of large Orthodox Jewish communities,” Cuomo noted. “This is a concern for their community and all the com

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  1. What does infection percentage mean; a percentage of what? According to the NY website, daily new positives of the entire 20 million state of NY are 1,000 – or 0.005%, nothing remotely close to 1% quoted by Cuomo, not even if multiplied by the average 14 days infection length. Therefore, Cuomo is either lying or referring to the percentage of people tested, not the percentage of the total population. And we do know that only a small percentage of the population is tested every day. Therefore, this supposed higher higher infection rate in the frum neighborhoods is entirely bogus. All it means is that the frum oilom is more likely to test when not feeling well; for all you know, goyim just don’t care to test for corona when they have sniffles. My proof? The corona fatality rate in the frum community is not higher, but actually much lower than in the general population.
    The conclusion? Stop foolishly testing for Covid 19. Nothing will change in your medical treatment if you would be tested positive. As far as quarantining yourself from not infecting others, just stay away from people when you have sniffles – even if not tested positive, use a mask, and wash your hands a lot. So, there is no rational reason to test for this Corona virus. Not only you are not benefitting medically in any way, but you are moyser the entire community. Don’t be an idiotic moyser – don’t test.


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