Cuomo Vows to Legalize Toeivah Marriages in NY


cuomoAndrew Cuomo has promised political power.  “I don’t want to be the governor who just proposes marriage equality. I don’t want to be the governor who lobbies for marriage equality. I don’t want to be the governor who fights for marriage equality. I want to be the governor who signs the law that makes equality a reality in the state of New York,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo’s promise to legalize toeivah marriage is not new, but it had renewed resonance for New York’s toeivah community and their supporters.

Carl Paladino, Cuomo’s Republican opponent, has declared his opposition to toeivah marriage. He apologized for remarks he made this past weekend that appeared to condemn the toeivah  lifestyle.

“I just think that my children and your children would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family, and I don’t want them brainwashed into thinking that [toeivah] is an equally valid and successful option. It isn’t,” he said on Sunday.

Paladino’s critics say it’s left them both outraged and energized. They applauded Cuomo’s declaration of making toeivah marriage a reality.

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  1. How can any Jew support this man?

    Rav Shimon Schwab z”l said that I should vote for Bush 1 over Clinton because although Bush was against Israel, leiv melochim vesarim beyad Hashem. However, Clinton wanted to foster a climate of moral immorality including toeivah rights and we had to fight against that.

  2. This guy is a rosho, he is evil for doing this.

    The other guy was mixed up somewhat and caved in under pressure, but at least he still opposes toeivah marriage.

  3. Why do they need to call it marriage? Why can’t they just be happy with equal rights?

    This issue will get to the supreme court and they will have to rule that marriage, as defined in US law, is a religious definition and is therefore unconstitutional. The states will then have to strike down the current marriage laws.

    Dear G-D, please sent mashiach, now!

  4. Anyone who even approves SPEAKING to this Rasha, let alone VOTING for him needs his head checked, and has some serious explaining to do. this is sickening

  5. Yonah, im a proud thinking frum yid and I”m voting for Cuomo he is the much better candidate when it comes to issues affecting us directly. Oh and he is much less of a menuval incidently,.

  6. I should report here that in the current electoral arena in California, there is a similar threat. B’Ezras HaShem, let us start with a brief historical review: In the election of the year 2000, in the state of California, the voters approved Proposition 22, which declared that marriage is only of a man and a woman. In the election of 2003, a severely rabid promoter of Toeiva rights, Gavin Christopher Newsom, Yimach Shemo V’Zichro, was elected to be the new mayor of San Francisco. Upon his installation in early 2004, Mr. Newsom brazenly flaunted the Prop 22 law as he publicly performed thousands of Toeiva “weddings” right in front of the building of the city hall at the prestigious Civic Center Plaza in downtown SF. Understandably, this gave a massive boost to the whole Toeiva “marriage” thingy as across the country, other mayors began making Toeiva “weddings.”

    A few years latter, Mr. Newsom was caught in a scandal as it was revealed that he had been Menoieif with the wife of his campaign manager. There were a few calls for him to resign, but he ignored them. Not only that, in the following mayoral election of 2007, he was re-elected with a whopping 72% majority!

    With such political success, there was a lot of talk of him running for Governor of California. The way though that the idea materialized was that now in this 2010 election, Mr. Newsom is the candidate of the Democratic Party for Lieutenant Governor.

  7. (continuation of previous comment #9)

    The candidate of the Democratic Party for Governor is a man named Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr., known as “Jerry” Brown. He has quite an extensive political resume. His father, the late Edmund Gerald Brown, Sr. (1905 – 1996), known as “Pat” Brown, served as Governor of California for two terms (1959 – 1967) and was the Democratic Party candidate for a third run in the 1966 election. Jerry himself also served as governor for two terms (1975 – 1983), latter served as the Mayor of Oakland for two terms (1999 – 2007), made three attempted runs (in the 1976, 1980, and 1992 elections) to be the Democratic candidate for President of the US, is currently serving (since 2007), as the Attorney General of California, and now, for this election of 2010, is the Democratic candidate for governor.

    While he may not have earned the same Toeiva headlines as Gavin Newsom, Jerry Brown is fully on the pro-Toeiva side of the political arena. His extreme support of the Toeiva ageda is shown by the following.

    In the election of the year 2008, in the state of California, the voters approved Proposition 8, which is an amendment to the state constitution that declares that marriage is only of a man and a woman. Since then, the wicked promoters of Toeiva have challenged Prop 8 in the system of the Federal Courts with the accusation that this newly amended Constitution of the State of California goes against the national Constitution of the United States. As this is a challenge to what is a law of the state of California, it is the responsibility of the State of California, specifically, the state official who is called the “Attorney General of the State of California,” to defend its law as it is challenged in the Federal Courts. However, since Mr. Brown is so strongly pro-Toeiva, HE HAS REFUSED TO DEFEND PROPOSITION 8!! So the decent people who made Prop 8 have been forced to, on their own, find and hire and pay for their own lawyers to present the defense of Prop 8.

  8. (continuation of previous comment #10)

    On the Republican side, the candidate for Lieutenant Governor is the current Lt. Governor, a man named Abel Maldonado. The candidate for governor is a woman named Mrs. Margaret Cushing Whitman, known as “Meg” Whitman. Mrs. Whitman has a long resume of executive administration of a number major companies. Her masterpiece accomplishment is her founding and building up into a brilliantly successful multi-billion corporation the famous Internet auction company called “eBay.”

    Mr. Maldonado and Mrs. Whitman are “moderates” on the moral issues: they support some of the moral concerns, but are nevertheless quite weak on them in a number of ways. They are thus certainly many times better than their opponents of the Democratic ticket; at the same time though, many of the religious conservative organizations are not endorsing them but are instead endorsing much stronger moral candidates of conservative third parties. (See for a list of links to several moral values voter guides to the California ballot.)


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