Cuomo’s Claims About Chasidic Wedding Deserve Scrutiny

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People want answers. They crave certainty amid chaos. But for a year filled with tremendous upheaval and so much newness, there have been notably few questions — and that’s a problem.

In pre-pandemic days, New Yorkers knew that Governor Andrew Cuomo was an abrasive bully, intolerant of those who didn’t share his political beliefs. Yet Cuomo’s eagerness to take charge matched the moment back in March. Cuomo comforted those nervous about COVID-19 by communicating clearly at his daily press conferences.

Seven months later, though, the picture is different. It’s clear that too much power has been ceded to Governor Cuomo. Not only have state legislators provided the governor with “nearly unchecked power,” but the media have too. Events now follow an all-too-familiar script. Consider, for example, the story surrounding the Satmar Hasidic wedding in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Monday night. Governor Cuomo said something, reporters accepted it, and a negative narrative about New York’s Orthodox Jews took hold.

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  1. This is true about Cuomo’s unchecked power. The New York State Assembly has been infamously known to be thee most corrupt in the entire nation. They are all so sleazy, they know that if they dare open their mouth to go against the tyrannical governor, he will expose them for all their dirty crimes.

  2. Any person who might oddly enough still be considering voting for Joe Biden, keep in mind that Joe Biden wants CUOMO as his attorney general.


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