Customer Sues Apple For $1 Trillion Over iPhone Features

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After experiencing an alleged phone mishap, Missouri’s Raevon Terrell Parker attempted to get even with the world’s largest tech company by suing them for a cool $1 trillion — their approximate net worth. If successful, he would become the richest man in the world, eclipsing Amazon’s Jeff Bezos by almost $850 billion, according to Forbes.

Parker, 39, claimed his iPhone was stolen after he took the device in for repairs in 2018, Apple Insider reports. “The employee at the Apple Store repaired the device, but kept it by deceiving the plaintiff knowing that it was the first phone to have new features,” Parker claimed in a statement filed at the US District Court in East Missouri on June 1.

It’s unclear exactly what the aggrieved Apple customer means — however, the tech gurus at Mashable suspect that “Parker had installed a version of iOS that was not yet intended for the public and that in repairing the iPhone, the Apple employee had removed that version.”

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    • If you read the article, he had in 2018 an early release of iOS12 on his phone and it was either swapped or wiped out by a foolish employee, who then proceeded to call him “crazy” when he did not even understand the complaint. He states his mental health is priceless. BTW not very smart to bring for repair without explaining REALLY well such an unlikely situation, and attaching a sticker to the phone.

  1. At least this guy has a good claim. The gold digging lady that clumsily spilled her hot McDonald’s coffee on her lap as she was driving shouldn’t of gotten a penny.


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