Danger of Technology: Man Electrocuted, Run Over By Train In Try To Grab Dropped Iphone

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subwayA Bronx DJ dropped his iPhone on the subway tracks yesterday morning – but was electrocuted after he was too impatient to let a worker retrieve it for him, police sources said.

Francisco Diego, Jr. told a toll booth clerk he had dropped the smartphone shortly before 1:10 a.m. at the Wakefield-241st Street station, sources said.

She told him to wait while she would help him get it.

But when a downtown 2 train arrived at the scene, Diego went between two of the cars and tried to grab it-only to electrocute himself on the third rail, sources said.

The train started moving, and he was knocked onto the tracks, where he was struck by the train, sources added.

There were no other passengers on the subway, which was heading to a yard.

EMS rushed him to Jacobi Hospital, but he could not be saved, cops said. No criminality is suspected.

Diego worked as a security guard and was one of twelve children, according to his family. He lived in the Foxhurst section of The Bronx and loved to deejay.

He went by the name DJ Tech Trackz, relatives said.

“He was a hard worker. Everybody loved him,” said his devastated sister, Melissa Diego, 26. “His thing was music, making music all the time, throwing parties.”


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  1. I guess he didn’t know the difference between a music track and a train track. Anyway, Klal Yisroel mourns the loss of this brilliant individual.

  2. However shocking this story is, plenty of people within the community are guilty of the same addiction. Albeit, not putting their physical life at risk but rather their spiritual life at risk.

  3. Why make fun of the man? He had two honest jobs, DJ and security guard. Perhaps his livelyhood depended on the phone (his original mix’s may have been there) and the hardware itself is not cheap. He was foolish to try retrieving it, but sure did not deserve to die. Now let’s see, how many people are there in NYC whose “livelyhood” is violent crime? Or scams, or pushing substances? I can only wish they all would be as righteous as Mr Diego.


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