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Over 30,000 Copies of Peas Love and Carrots by Danielle Renov Have Been Sold – Find Out Why!

Tens of thousands of people are hooked on to Danielle Renov’s amazing PEAS LOVE AND CARROTS phenomenon. They love her positive energy, her humor, and her stories.

They wouldn’t miss them for anything.

And of course they love her recipes.

And you will, too!

You do not want to miss out on this year’s must-have cookbook.

Looking for quick and easy dinner idea? Something spectacular and unique for a special occasion? Exotic dishes, fun foods, and classic recipes?

They’re all here, in this gorgeous, oversized cookbook published by ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications.

Peas Love and Carrots: The Cookbook features 250+ recipes – classic, exotic, low-budget, super-elegant, and everything in-between.

This volume contains 185+ stunning photos, plus tips, tricks, stories, anecdotes, and insights that leave us laughing, teach us how to be better cooks, and make us proud of the food that we serve to beloved friends and family.

“My goal was to create a cookbook with recipes that are timeless,” says Danielle. “It is a cookbook that you can give your daughter twenty years from now – and she’ll love it as much as you do!”

Peas Love and Carrots: The Cookbook is finally back in print and available at ArtScroll.com (https://bit.ly/2CjlHbE) or your local Jewish bookstore. Get your copy today!



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