Daredevils Play Chicken With NYC Subway

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mta-subway[Video below.] A Youtube video that appears to show daredevil teens jumping on to subway tracks for fun, has left MTA officials in disbelief.

In the video, recorded on an iPhone by someone waiting for a train, at least four people can be seen jumping down on to the tracks and even appear to dance around for a second. As the train approaches, the teens begin to jump back onto the platform with the last person clearing the track just moments before the train arrives at the Brooklyn station.

In response to the video, the MTA issued a short statement.

“Playing on or near subway tracks is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do,” the MTA’s stated. “The individuals depicted in this video should be taken into custody and then they should have their heads examined.”

Agency officials told ABCNews.com that the have informed the police about the activity.

Last year 146 people were hit by trains in New York City, 47 fatally. On the agency’s website they recommend not only staying out of the tracks, but behind the yellow protective strip warning, “No matter what situation arises, keep off the tracks. Tracks contain 600 volts of live electricity.”

Click below for video:

{ABC News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


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