Daughter of Rav Firer Loses Husband In Double Tragedy

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Yesterday the world suffered a tragic loss with the passing of Rabbi Dovid Oberlander, a 38-year-old father of 5 from Ashdod. Dovid & his father, renowned askan Rabbi Moshe Yosef Oberlander, were both admitted to the corona ward on the same day. Rabbi Moshe Oberlander passed away a month ago. Dovid, his only son, was not aware of his passing as he himself was unconscious on a respirator.

In his life, Rabbi Dovid Oberlander was a loving father & husband, who worked in high-tech. He was instrumental in helping many other religious Jews to find similar work, enabling them to support their families. 

Rav Dovid’s widow is the daughter of famous askan Rabbi Firer. She is now left without income, and without the support of her husband’s family as they have now lost their patriarch as well. Her five children range from infancy to bar mitzvah. One of the children has time-consuming medical issues.

Mrs. Oberlander is asking for the charity of those who read her story, in order to enable her to raise her children in a household which is safe, secure, and stocked. The family’s hope is that because her husband dedicated much of his life to helping other secure their livelihoods, his widow will be helped in securing her own.

Those who are able to help can do so here for a limited time.



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