David Depape ID’d As Hammer-Wielding Intruder Who Attacked Paul Pelosi

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The man who attacked Paul Pelosi has been named as David Depape, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The 42-year-old is believed to have entered the Pelosi home through its rear after pictures showed an open window leading into the house, the NY Post reports.

He is said to have shouted “Where’s Nancy?” after breaking in during the early hours of Friday morning looking for the Democratic Speaker of the House, who was in Washington D.C. at the time.

The Post reports that San Francisco Police Chief William “Bill” Scott said at a press conference Friday morning officers were dispatched to the Pelosi residence at 2:27 am regarding a wellbeing check. He said they encountered the suspect and Paul, who both appeared to be holding a hammer. The suspect then “pulled the hammer away from Paul and violently attacked him with it,” Scott said. He also said Depape has been booked on charges of Attempted Homicide, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Elder Abuse, Burglary, and “several other additional felonies”.

Pelosi and Depape were both taken Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and NBC reported Pelosi was undergoing brain surgery.


  1. MegaMaga White supremacist! According to the Homeland security director , Dept of Justice. and Gas Can Joe these are the most dangerous people in our country

  2. sounds really shady. theyre super rich and politically powerful, dont they have security?! also why in the world was paul pelosi holding a hammer?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also why were they making “wellbeing checks” ?!


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