Day After Announcing Drive-Thru Carnival for Chol Hamoed, Dr. Rich Roberts Calls it Off


Yesterday, in a video released on social media, Dr. Kasriel (Richard) Roberts of Lakewood, NJ, announced that in light of the coronavirus, his regular scheduled Chol Hamoed carnival – fully paid and generously sponsored by Kollel Ner Avrohom Inc., which he owns – would be replaced with a drive-thru carnival, with participants driving through in their cars and picking up prizes at the event that way.

Today, Dr. Roberts announced that he was calling that off too, as he didn’t feel it prudent to hold the event in that fashion either.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Dr. Roberts, regardless, I hope you read this:
    I want to thank you for your generosity every Yom Tov. You and your wife and family are clearly very special.
    May Hashem bless you with good health and bracha always.
    From a grateful Lakewood family

  2. Dear Dr Roberts,

    Yaasher koach! How about a tentative rescheduling for Lag B’Omer in 5+ weeks?

    Bert Miller

  3. the virus is a great equalizer, from the rosh hayeshiva to the bus driver, from the Doctor to grocery clerk all have been its victims RL, it teaches us anivus like nothing else.

  4. Dr Roberts is a tremendous baal chesed who is greatly pained by not being able to give to others.We should emulate his ways.

  5. Stating the obvious:
    NO! The rabbanim are not like others. The fact that all people react similarly to a virus does not mean that the talmud chacham is the same as everyone else.

    Where do you come off making a statement against talmidei chachamim and telling them to practice anivus?

    Who are you to teach them? They know and they do.

    Kavod haToirah, mr.


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