Daylight Savings Time Change Can Cause Unexpected Problems

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73499108JR001_Businesses_PrClocks will make the switch from Daylight Saving  Tme to Standard Time this weekend, but some automated timepieces may have already made the jump.

“This could be a real problem with some older clocks and other electronic devices that are preprogrammed to fall back an hour on the last Sunday in October,” said Ocean County Freeholder Joseph H. Vicari.

The problem lies with the federal government’s decision to end daylight-savings time a week later. In 2007, the end of daylight savings time was pushed back to the first Sunday in November.

This year, daylight savings time ends on Sunday, November 1.

While standard clocks and other devices are easily reset manually, some electronics are programmed with calendars that automatically adjust for the time change on the last Sunday of October.

“I have clocks in my own home that have already updated themselves for standard time,” Vicari said. “People need to be aware that some clocks are showing the wrong time.” Some digital clocks, VCRs, oven clocks, digital thermostats and digital recorders could be impacted by the change.

Personal computers should not be impacted because most automatically load updates to change the date of the time change.

“Many people may not have even realized their clock reset until their alarm woke them at the wrong time,” Vicari said.

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  1. This happened to me. The weird thing was that my clock actually jumped forward last week so I set it back an hour then. When I did that the daylight savings time made a move back to standard time. It moved back two hours instead of one wich mad me thirty minutes late for work…..


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