Dayonim Charged With Obstruction Of Justice


A 2011 construction dispute between neighbors in Elad has led to a court indictment of three dayonim of the city’s Hayoshor Vehatzedek Bais Din.

The episode began when one party petitioned the Petach Tikva Magistrate’s Court to issue an order to stop the work. An appeal of her neighbor to the bais din led to a demand that she must cancel her court file and come to a din Torah.

After she ignored the order, the dayonim issued a kesav siruv against her with its attendant penalties.

Police have now filed an indictment against the dayonim in the Central District Attorney’s Office and claim that the bais din had no authority to issue the kesav siruv.

This has sparked resentment against Israel’s secular justice system.

{ Israel}


  1. Why do goyim in chutz la’eretz have more respect for halacha than the Jews in the so called “Jewish” state have? Is it any wonder why certain rabbanim and their followers don’t support the government?


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