De Blasio Campaign Event In Iowa Draws Roughly 15 Attendees

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Mayor Bill de Blasio pitched his presidential dreams to a crowd of about 15 likely Democratic voters at an event Sunday morning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

With more than enough empty space to accommodate his 6-foot-5 frame, the quixotic candidate took the floor at Parlor City Pub to a smattering of applause from the sleepy brunch set.

“Here’s the bottom line: We have a country that’s favored the 1 percent now for literally 40 years,” de Blasio told the crowd, which numbered around 15 — not counting the press corps, campaign staff and Iowa State Sen. Rob Hogg, the event organizer.

“The rich have gotten richer. Everybody else has been pretty much treading water.”

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  1. WoW 15 Attendees for De Blasio is a lot!!!

    De Blasio do you get the hint???

    don’t waste money campaigning for nothing.

  2. Stay in the race. Please. Bizyonos like this are well deserved. And just a few such events are not even a drop in the ocean of what Hizoner should get. If he sticks around a bit more, he might succeed in draining at least a few votes, nowhere enough to matter for him, but enough to offset some of the other candidates who are stupid, evil, and anti-American.


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