De Blasio Considering Changes To Alternate-side Parking Rules

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Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday he plans to investigate whether the city can offer drivers some relief by cutting down on alternate-side parking regulations.

In most city neighborhoods, cars must be cleared from one side of a street once or twice a week — meaning residents might have to move their cars up to four times a week on a specific block to avoid being ticketed.

“We all want clean streets for sure, but I want to make sure that standard is being applied very precisely because the fewer times people have to move their cars, the better,” de Blasio said on WYNC radio’s “The Brian Lehrer Show.”

“I do think New Yorkers, if you don’t need to own a car in New York City, you shouldn’t own a car in NYC.

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  1. There are some good reasons why there should be alternate side parking. In my area of BP alternate is Friday and Wednesday 830 -1000. Because of alternate parking I know I can usually find a spot on Thursday night and Tuesday night, because the mechanics, car service, supermarkets and others who hog parking spaces in my area don’t leave their cars on the street overnight. I have an elderly neighbor who does her errands on these two days. She leaves before the alternate starts and returns a half hour before it finishes and waits in her car. When I have to make an appointment out of my neighborhood I check GoogleMaps to see when the alternate days are and I try to make an appointment around the time alternate ends. I can usually find a spot this way.

    • I hear you.
      But is that a way to live your life? Don’t you realize that you’re a prisoner to the archaic laws of NYC? Are you so beaten down that you don’t even realize that you’re a prisoner? And for that, you just keep on paying more and more taxes?

  2. 2 ideas
    1. let alternate side coordinate with garbage pickup so the garbage trucks dont block traffic
    2. reduce it to an hr or allow to park after the street sweeper passes
    3. we need to find some lots ( like 18 & 53…) for the school buses overnight parking its is hundreds of spaces
    lastly please BLOCK YOUR OWN DRIVEWAY hundreds of spots would open up if homeowners do just that
    what do you think


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