De Blasio Defends Ongoing Lockdown: Protesting And Religious Services ‘Not The Same’

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday defended his ongoing coronavirus-related restrictions on nonessential businesses and places of worship as protesters and looters continue to flood city streets over the death of George Floyd.

The democratic socialist told reporters during a press conference that the protesting and the desire to return to work and to church are “not the same” issues.

“When you see a nation, an entire nation, simultaneously grappling with an extraordinary crisis seeded in 400 years of American racism,” Mr. de Blasio said. “I’m sorry, that is not the same question as the understandably aggrieved store owner or the devout religious person who wants to go back to services.

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  1. The real issue here is that Deblasio never owned a business and doesn’t respect religion. Maybe if he could see someone else’s perspective his opinion would change…

  2. This is a mayor of the largest city in the USA? Can’t believe it. He is a loser. He should apply for a pizza delivery job. He never will give you a reasonable answer. It’s what he burps up at the moment. What a stupid response to differentiate from opening stores, places of worship to demonstrating. Shows his lack of leadership and stupidity. It’s high time to remove this idiot from office

  3. He’s right that it’s not the same. It’s actually far more important. So when are we gonna realize that his values are not in line with our values?? When are we gonna realize that we have a גזירת שמד on our hands that’s being couched in “for our benefit”? This is the same philosophy that was used throughout this process since the beginning of the lockdown. This is a גזירת שמד and it always was. We know what we’re supposed to do when we’re in a גזירת שמד. Unfortunately we have plenty of experience. And definitely definitely stop listening to these stupid doctors who got taken for a ride here by the cdc fda and politicians

    • No need to look at the goyim. WE caused this tzara. WE were maasering on each other. WE are cursing each other. WE are stirring up hatred between those that daven in a Shul and those that don’t. Those that wear a mask and thise that don’t. WE threw ourselves out of Shuls and Yeshivos, not the government. It’s brought down in the Even Shlaima that before Moshiach comes, the erev rav will kreechtzich arain in our Rabbonim! The Vilna Gaon said that, not me. When a Rav tells his followers that it’s a CHIYUV to maaser on a fellow Yid to the authorities, what does that tell you?! When Rabbonim say one thing and then do another thing – do as I say, not as I do, what does that tell you?! We are our worst enemy. Don’t blame the government. Blame yourselves.

    • What a fool!!!!! If the virus is still so dangerous that we can’t open businesses or religious services then it doesn’t stop for protesting or riots!!!! Regardless of the reason for the protests. And if it’s not dangerous for the rioters then we’re good to go!!!!

    • Granted that DeBlasio is an idiot that doesn’t “get it”, and needs to be voted out.

      But “גזירת שמד”? What are you talking about? You use that term too easily.

      What about the hundreds of Fiene Yidden that died r”l? Are you ready to face the grieving yesomim and families r”l, and tell them that this all a hoax? They will not take it kindly. Nor will it bring back those ti’ere neshamos.

      Speak and write carefully.
      Thank you

  4. Um maybe I’m not getting it but even if the racism in USA is a way bigger issue then religion and jobs . I’m assuming that life (meaning air coming in and out of your lungs) is more important and we’ve been told the past 3 months that if u leave ur house and go in public ur responsible for KILLING INNOCENT people. so why in world ARE WE SANCTIONING MURDER FOR on the account of racism.
    To make matters worse we’ve been told that African Americans die from the virus at greater numbers than any other population. So essentially what mr deblasio is calling for is the death of black people so that they could live a better life.

  5. Please join the campaigns to petition for his removal from office. He is a public menace, not a public servant.

  6. Thank you to all the frum Jewish community in NY (Askanim, Machers, etc) who helped this guy get elected and continue to kiss up to him. When will we learn that $$ is not the ultimate value in Yiddishkeit??

  7. I actually give him credit for his honesty. I would thought his answer would have been a glib ” I support the protesters blah, blah, blah, but of course I’m expecting them to wear masks and social distance as much as possible…I never said to protest without social distancing…I’ve seen them wearing masks and keeping a distance…more sheker…more sheker..etc.”

    It is rare for a politician to openly say that we have two sets of rules. One for people we like and value like protesters and rioters and another set of rules for people we don’t like and value like religious people or business owners.

  8. Do you think the chevra kadisha was burying empty coffins?!

    I hate to be crass but seemingly the pain of so many of achainu bnei yisroel has been ignored by too many.

  9. He was supposed to have been elected by the people for the people! His oath of office he undertook to uphold the Constitution! He failed on both. He is not about the people and he is the antithesis of the Constitution! He deserves removal from office.

  10. ”400 years of American racism”? I’m pretty sure that America was founded in 1776. That’s about 250 years. Somebody has got to know a bit of history before becoming a mayor.

    • The Africans came to Virginia in 1619, way before the War of Independence. Somebody has got to know a bit of history before he posts.

  11. I’m hearing last part of the problem with New York City and the United States.

    You have a mayor who is a glorified male donkey who doesn’t even know that the United States is not 400 years old! You have a piece of garbage person who doesn’t know that the United States began in 1776. Someone needs to tell His LowLife That hour beloved country will be celebrating its 244th birthday in a few weeks.

    This is yet another proof that socialist liberal Democrats must be defeated. There can be no other option.

  12. If he had said that people were determined to protest and we couldn’t stop them without violence so we had to allow it, I could have accepted that. That happens to be the true reason why he allowed it, and why it was allowed everywhere else as well.

    But instead he spouted this far-left nonsense. If it’s just a question of importance, let the people decide what’s important to them. De Blasio doesn’t get to decide for us.

    I wonder which number is higher: The number of people who protested or the number who attend religious services at least once a week?

  13. An entire nation, the Jewish Nation, is in pain. The way we handle it is by praying to Hashem.

    If they do not allow to daven in shuls let’s do a large minyan of 1000s of people davening, that will be a nice.peaceful protest against DB. What will he say then?

  14. An entire nation, the Jewish Nation, is in pain. The way we handle our pain is by praying to Hashem.

    If they do not allow to daven in shuls let’s do a large minyan of 1000s of people davening, that will be a nice.peaceful protest against DB. What will he say then?

  15. of course a demonstration is important but it has to be within covid 19 social distancing guidelines like anything else.

  16. My prediction: Bill DeBallsio will die on a New York City Holiday! Because whenever he drops dead, New Yorkers will proclaim it a City Holiday !!!

  17. He’s a communist for political radicalism and against Judaism. All the Jews who voted for him probably had an inkling of this when they did so.

  18. “….an entire nation, simultaneously grappling with an extraordinary crisis seeded in 400 years of American racism,”

    Guess what? We Jewish people are an entire nation grappling with over 2,000 years, that’s right 2,000 years not 400 years of extreme, extreme hatred not limited to America but ubiquitous over the entire globe.

    We go to our synagogues to protest the ongoing enmity to our people which can trace its origins to De Blasio’s ancestors.

    We plead with G-D, ” re’ay ki hayinu la’ag vekeles bagoyim.’ Observe how we have been treated with scorn and mockery by the nations. Is this not how De Blasio is treating us, with scorn and mockery? Can we not gather in protest against such savagery?

    Can we not protest against the machete attack in Monsey? Can we not cry out against the murder of innocents in Jersey City? Can we not enter our sole House of Refuge to shout in our agony to Him who hearkens all supplications, ” Ne’kom Nikmas Dam Avodecho Hashovuch “, “Avenge the blood of Your servants that has been shed.”, No, we cannot, according to De Blasio. The only acceptable response is to engage in murder and mayhem. Well, that’s not what we do. It’s what De Blasio’s friends do; embrace domestic terrorism. We pray.

    Shame on you, De Blasio! Shame on you one thousand times over.

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