De Blasio Open To Banning Plastic Bags Entirely After Albany Blocks Five Cent Fee

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Oh Billy.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he’s “very open” to banning plastic bags outright after the state legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo blocked a city law to impose a five cent fee on the bags, the NY Daily News reports.

“That was one way of doing it. A ban is another option, which I’d be very open to,” de Blasio said Monday night on NY1, according to the News. “The one thing I know is the worst possible outcome is what we have right now. Vast number of plastic bags are just harming the earth. It’s not good for any of us.”


  1. Wow, so this dummy thinks that plastic bags are more dangerous than drunk driving. How did this duffus ever become the Mayor of this sanctuary City?

  2. You should probably run to take over the office of Michael banberg
    All I can say is if we find one piece of plastic in your house you should go to jail

  3. Paper is far bulkier than plastic and isn’t as strong. Also, if paper bags get wet (rain, snow, juice spilling), the bag will rip and fall apart. I can’t believe he’s really considering a ban – it’s probably just posturing to force people to accept a bag deposit fee instead.

  4. I agree he’s a lunatic. Problem is all these save the earth kooks are all the same. If this is his biggest problem that he’s at war against plastic bags he should find a different job and make a difference somewhere else


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