De Blasio Predicts Liberalism Will Sweep Country

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bill-de-blasioNYC Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio went down to Washington, D.C. Friday to meet with President Barack Obama, emerging emboldened that a “progressive movement” was sweeping the nation.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, which included 15 other newly-elected mayors, Mr. de Blasio said it was clear to him that the fight against inequality-which formed the centerpiece of his campaign-was gaining steam far beyond the five boroughs.

“You can’t have a room full of mayors-literally every corner of the country-all spontaneously saying to the president of the United States the same exact things from their own experience: Something’s going on here … So what we have to do is organize it and amplify it,” he told Politicker.

“It was very interesting: a lot of them talked about pre-K, a lot of them talked about early childhood education as one of the breakthrough things we have to do to change the dynamics, a lot of them talked about their growing poverty levels and how it was undermining the future of their cities. So I think there was a really organic unity among all of us of the fact that this is the issue of our times. Fighting inequality is the mission of our times,” he said.

The meeting, organized by the White House, had been called “discuss the ways in which the Obama Administration can serve as an active partner on job creation and ensuring middle class families have a pathway to opportunity.” Speaking in the Roosevelt Room, Mr. Obama said he hoped to partner with the city leaders to help them achieve their goals.

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  1. Al tikri’ will sweep but SHOULD sweep,

    As in their own words “early childhood education, to Change the dynamics’.

    Social engineering from a socialist.

  2. This man is as brilliant as they come!

    Who caused “inequality” the libs! The killed the economy and created inequality to the degree we see today!

    New Yorkers voted Dinkins and now this guy!

  3. DeBlasio and the drive-by media have pulled on “Obama” on us.

    No discussion of his real background, his true Marxist associations, his lack of substantive executive experience and ability: this means means ‘disaster is on its way’. This would-be dictator mouths pious-sounding nonsense such as “income inequality”. People in different jobs get different pay. What’s wrong with that?
    The CEO of General Electric gets paid differently (and much more) than the burger-flipper in McDonald’s. Guess why?!
    If you have skipped classes, used drugs, and failed to get a decent job because no one wants to hire a loser, is that my fault? Why should my taxes pay to support a lazy person?

    What is ‘income inequality’ according to liberalism?: when what you earn by your own work is to be grabbed by the government (by the leech-like bureaucrats) and taken – first, for themselves and eventually ‘generously’ doled out to those who beg for it. This is true fascism or communism, depending on the vehicle of government by which the tyranny is imposed.

  4. Hello? Liberals controlled all of Congress and the White House in 2009-2010. That’s when liberalisam “swept the country”

    Today, American voters are poised to “sweep away” liberalism. Obama is really sticking it to the middle-class now with his ObamaCare folly.

    People are beginning to feel the pain that liberalism has brought on them. 2014 & 2016 will determine whether people have had enough of this or not.

    2014 & 2016 will determine whether the Republican Party or any alternative entity will be able to resonate with Americans with its message for more individualism and liberty and less indentured servitude to big government.

    2014 & 2016 will determine if Americans want to send even more money to the fat cats in Washington to spend their money for them. 2014 & 2016 will determine whether or not Americans want more heavy-handed government regulations running their lives.

    We shall see…….

  5. This country has been dumbed up for a while now, it forgot what freedom is. The laws of physics have not changed the strong will always survive and thrive. The infirm should worry more then ever.


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