De Blasio Questions Details Surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s Death: ‘Something Doesn’t Fit Here’

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday questioned the details surrounding the death of billionaire financier and convict Jeffrey Epstein, saying, “Something doesn’t fit here.”

“It just doesn’t make sense that the highest-profile prisoner in America, you know, someone forgot to guard him,” de Blasio told reporters, one day after Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist hired by Epstein’s brother to look into his death, said that there was “evidence here of homicide” .

“I want to understand, I think everyone wants to understand, what really happened,” he added. “I just don’t know what the nature of the death was. I just know it should never have happened, and we still don’t have good answers.”

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  1. What an idiot. It was YOUR prison system! YOU are responsible! Not one City employee was fired over this. That would be racist. You can’t allow these lowlife dogs to lose their taxpayer funded pension plan. If YOU wouldn’t of been running around the Country, masquerading as a presidential candidate at the expense of the dumb NYC taxpayers, and done what you were supposed to do, maybe the pervert Epstein would still be alive today. Now, of course you’re not going to investigate this murder case. Why should you? You’ll only implicate yourself. Mayor DeBlasio, YOU have blood on your hands. You should resign in disgrace.

  2. What happened is simple. Remember the NYC blackout in July 2019. That was the Deep State’s plan to seize Epstein from the Federal prison. But it didn’t work out. The White Hats got the message that they better remove Epstein before the DS do so. A night before the “suicide” (less than a month after the blackout) he was switched with some other guy when the cleaning crew was told to leave the room for a few minutes. Jeffrey Epstein was in the meantime shipping off to Gitmo. The one who replaced Epstein acted his part, playing suicide with the “forensic” and medical crew being part of it.


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