De Blasio Turned Away From Children’s Facility In Texas

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and mayors from more than a dozen other U.S. cities gathered near a holding facility for migrant children on the Texas border with Mexico — and were turned away from going inside, ABC 7 reports.

The New York City mayor and his counterparts from Los Angeles, Seattle and beyond pilgrimaged to the Tornillo facility Thursday to push for the immediate reunification of migrant children with their families, even as President Donald Trump ordered a halt to the policy separating them.

The mayors requested access to the detention center, which can hold up to 4,000, so they could inspect the conditions inside. Even though de Blasio was denied, he said he sees this as a chance to make a point. “The problem with the whole equation is there’s no honesty from the federal government, no effort to openly tell people what’s going on, and we have no reason to trust,” he said outside the facility. Read more at ABC 7.


  1. DeBlasio, a corrupt Democrat Leftist says “there’s no honesty from the federal government”. He must be referring to his Democrat and RhINO associates in the government.

  2. Who paid for Mr. Wilhelm’s plane trip & hotel stay? Does the Mayor have some off days now? Is this a paid vacation? I have to go to work today. Does he?
    Doesn’t he have a City to take care of?

  3. Grandstanding is not fact finding. Go home, mayors. Except deBellyButton. He would be better for NYC if he stayed in.Texas.

  4. People forget where children are people cannot come and go. Children have to be protected from the media, politicians, adults, etc., for look at schools and children’s camps, you have to tell them you are coming and they have to make precautions to have the children safe. So you just don’t drop in to see what is going on without permission.

  5. Very happy with the borders response. Having a dozen random adult strangers influx into a center will only frighten already frightened children.

    Although I’m sympathetic with the whole situation I find it super hard to justify allowing these parents an easy path.

    These parents brought their children through horrendous journeys- and the result is being detained.

    I don’t support parents putting their children through such tough terrain.

    Although the US has no reason to accept them the system should indeed be fixed so that these people can have some form of allowance to enter.

    Good shabbos


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