De Blasio Unveils Details Of ‘Vision Zero’ Plan To Reduce NYC Traffic Fatalities

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bill-deblasioMayor Bill de Blasio has unveiled more details to his plan to eliminate deadly traffic accidents in New York City, especially those involving pedestrians.

Since announcing his “Vision Zero” initiative last month, de Blasio said an interagency task force has worked to develop new strategies to make streets safer.

As CBS 2′s Dick Brennan reported, de Blasio announced the 62-point plan on a block where a 9-year-old boy was killed by a cab last month.

The new 62-point strategy includes:

  • Increasing enforcement against speeding
  • Developing borough-specific street safety plans
  • Redesigning 50 intersections and corridors each year to improve safety
  • Reducing the citywide speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph
  • Expanding the use of speed and red light enforcement cameras
  • Expanding neighborhood “slow zones”
  • Putting stiffer penalties on taxi and livery drivers who drive dangerously.

De Blasio said reducing the speed will make a major difference.

To see the full plan and for more information, click here. Read more here.

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  1. Obviously, reducing traffic fatalities is a goal that everyone should support.

    But being a cynic, I fear that de Blasio is making such a fuss over this because he knows that under his policing policies, murders will rise.

    Then he’ll be able to say, OK, murders are up, but traffic fatalities are down, and so the deaths net out.

  2. More fines. Stiffer penalties. More intrusion of privacy. Reduce global whining etc. That the name of the game for the Demorats!!
    If you will remember one of the first things Gloomberg did when he got into office was double the parking fines and hire a lot more gorilla’s!

  3. “More fines. Stiffer penalties. More intrusion of privacy.”

    If you would just obey traffic laws rather than be cavalier about human life, you have nothing to worry about.


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