De Blasio Vows To Crack Down On Small-Business Owners Who Reopen Early


NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says that his city will strictly enforce coronavirus guidelines at restaurants, salons and other businesses where owners have reopened in defiance of the statewide shutdown, reports.

“Anybody who reopens in defiance with state and city orders, of course we’re going to enforce,” de Blasio said Wednesday at his daily press conference. “If we have to, we’ll (issue) summonses, and if we have to, we’ll get a commissioner’s order and the place will not be allowed to be open in any way, shape or form.”

Phase one of the city’s reopening plan will go into effect either the first or second week in June, assuming the city’s health indicators hold, and would include construction, manufacturing, whole sale and limited retail.

Meanwhile, a coalition of nearly 300 small businesses across the city called Reopen New York have chosen to ignore city and state guidelines. “I would urge everyone to look at the facts,” de Blasio said. “This city has beat back this disease… but we are far from done.” Read more at


  1. you’re DUMB –
    OPEN UP SMALL BUSINESS so they can earn money and pay YOUR SALES TAX so you’ll have money for the city

  2. Before you all start yelling he’s a jerk; he is. We all know – BUT:

    There’s more to it. Certain publications run front page sensationalist headlines about Orthodox jewish business owners defying a governer’s order, they don’t help anything for jews. It’s disgusting and irresponsible. They are worse than all the anti-semites who write about jews. They are small minded, uneducated “frum jews” who think that’s it’s glorious to run afowl of the law. How small and childish they are.

    They actually hurt jews because here’s an “orthodox” publication glorifying jews in defiance of the law. That makes it appear as though we’re okay with that. They Re like the kids who would throw something in class and giggle about it but now they’re possibly killing people with what they throw.

    I’m not suggesting that Cuomo or DeBlasio are right – or good. They’re not. I’m not unaware of the hardships so many people are undergoing due to this terible situation. I am saying to do what you feel you have to do and don’t be an imbicile about it and yell it from rooftops. If you do, be punished for it like you were in yeshiva for throwing something and thinking it was funny. It’s time to grow up.

    Anyone involved in this should be ashamed – and punished accordingly. Don’t cry anti-semitism later – you’re the anti-semite for hurting jews.

    • Wow. Your overwhelming concern for your fellow Yid is tremendous. You should receive the “most concerned” award. Mamesh a Tzaddik. You’re the same type of person who screams that Yidden have to stop taking from the government. Food stamps? Medicaid? Section 8? Chillul Hashem? But then you advocate that Yiddeshe small businesses be forced to close and remain closed, causing your fellow Yidden to have to come on to others. You don’t care if fellow Yidden lose their parnasa. You’re a sanctimonious self-hating phony Jew.


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