DE BLASIO’S DISASTER: Half of NYC Restaurants, Bars May Close For Good

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As many as half of all New York City bars and restaurants could shutter permanently within the next six months due to the coronavirus, according to a stunning new audit released Thursday by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

The report lays bare the extent of the pandemic’s fiscal impact on one of the city’s lifeblood industries, which only saw a return to indoor dining on Wednesday — at a meager 25 percent of normal seating capacity.

“The industry is challenging under the best of circumstances, and many eateries operate on tight margins,” said DiNapoli. “Now they face an unprecedented upheaval that may cause many establishments to close forever.”

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  1. That is actually not as bad as it seems. 60% of restaurants close in their first year of operation when there isn’t a pandemic. When we have effective treatments and a vaccine, restaurants will return — in greater numbers than before.

    In any case this is not De Blasio’s disaster. It is the disaster of Trump and the Republicans who only bail out those with stock portfolios and not small businesses. McConnell has been sitting on the relief bill the House passed back in May, refusing to bring it up for a vote. The Fed has printed seven trillion dollars to prop up the stock market but the Republicans refuse to allow a much smaller amount for small businesses. Remember this when you vote.

  2. it really is all trumps fault after all the economic boom that happened within the last four years was really obamas work now we are seeing the what trump policy really does it kills people like hard working new yorkers shame on him vote Biden hell get us out of this mess in 81/2 years after his term is finished just like Obama


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