DE BLASIO’S NEW YORK: Masked Bandit Shoves Chassidishe Boy, Robs Him Of His E-Scooter In Latest NYC Atrocity

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Not even little kids on scooters are safe from the Big Apple’s crime wave — as a 6-year-old Brooklyn boy found out when his ride was swiped by a masked bandit, cops said Friday.

The heartless robber targeted the tyke while the child was zipping around near his home in Borough Park about 10 p.m. Wednesday, police said.

The e-scooter belonged to the little boy’s special-needs brother, their father told The Post.

The thief had walked up to the little boy in front of 3528 12th Ave. and asked, “Where is your mommy?” before pushing the child off the scooter, cops said.

The shaken little boy ran to an older sister who was nearby and told her what happened, and their parents later called the NYPD.

A neighborhood surveillance camera captured the boy riding the scooter before the heist — and the unidentified robber on it afterward, the dad said. Both the boy and his sister identified the crook in the video, he said.

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  1. As I’ve said so many times before, Republican WHITE supremacy is the biggest threat facing our Nation. This is yet another example of that.
    In the meantime, I’ve got to go back to spying on private citizens who are white Republican males.

  2. Little kids should not be out alone riding scooter or bikes at 10:00 pm. The older sister apparently wasn’t so “nearby” if she didn’t witness what happened and he had to run to her.

    • Correction: You mean to say: ” In DE BLASIO’S NEW YORK little kids should not be out alone riding scooter or bikes at 10:00 pm.” In most other area’s in the USA children can play in front of their homes at any hour of the day.
      It’s so sad to see that people so accustomed to the level of crime that they think its normal to not let children to play in front of their own homes.

  3. Shomrim and shmira should circle the area and look for this guy. He probably lives in the neighborhood. Also why don’t you use decoys. Get a small kid on such a scooter and you can catch these types of criminals. Years ago JDL would do that. I remember they had a little chassidisha kid walk by a gang in Boro park and when the gang started with the kid,ten very tough fighters jumped them and bloodied them up. I witnessed it myself. Today unfortunately there are cameras so they would of course arrest the victims if they gave their attackers a beating.

  4. Do you think it will be any better if Adams gets elected? I think, no, I know that New York will be safer with a Giuliani protégé Curtis Sliwa. Remember, DemocRATs talk, Republicans do.


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