Dear President…

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obamaDear President Obama,

We are writing today to ask that you return America to its August 20th, 1959, borders so that Hawaii is no longer a state and you are no longer a citizen.

Yours truly,

52% of the American People

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  1. Dont be to quick to speak on behalf of half of america let them speak for themselves come Novemebr 2012.
    Does any one honestly have doubts as to what the outcome will be?

  2. Zodok, I don’t know what “lotsunis” is, but this is just plain funny. You’re so sensitive about your precious Obama. Relax, you’re not going to change anyone’s opinion here.

  3. #5

    Its not up to him our freedoms – President has limited capabilities.. he just finds it exciting to show his true “color” when he opens his mouth. He has no right to dictate the jews.

    BTW Leolom yispallel odom bishloma shel malchus, does NOT apply today since its not a king…

  4. I believe that even though it was not a state it was still American territory so he would still qualify. Need to dig up a copy of the constitution and check….

  5. Whilst this may be a great point, but lets try and remember that most of Americans are either grandchildren of immigrants or immigrants themselves and lets not forget what this wonderfull country did for our ancestors when relatives when they arrived to these borders after their horrible trauma in Europe! And so the current policy where A U.S. President has to be born in the U.S. is primitive! But lets focus on the stratagy of Obama where he believes there’s a chance of peace with the Palestinians, well Mr President lets say we retrieved to the 67 borders, what will you then suggest the Israelis do with the Palestinian claim that 11 million Palestinians have a right to return to their so called homeland? How would you possibly narrow the gap between the 2 opposing sides? Its simply not possible! The Palestinians dont have any interest in peace, end of story, their worst enemies are themselves! Death by them is a blessing! The world here has a narrow agenda, they want to push the Jews into talks of a peace deal with a partner who has no interest in ever reaching a settlement with their opposing side! The world is doing this because they have financial interests with the Arab nations of the world, Arab nations which have never done almost a thing to absorb their Palestinian sisters and brothers! Why absorb them? This will cause the so called Palestinian Israeli conflict to diminish. You dont ever want that!

  6. #14 is of course right. This “joke” is only funny if you are ignorant. Alaska and Hawaii were territories till 1959, anyone born in a territory is a US citizen at birth and can be president. An example is Barry Goldwater; he was born in Arizona BEFORE it became a state, and he ran for president. So the “joke” is funny only if you are ignorant.

  7. Its a great line and the joke isn’t stam the point is that isreal should stay the way it is, besides it’s only a joke so just laugh and go on.


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