Death Toll In Texas Mass Shooting Rises To 7

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The death toll from the weekend’s Texas freeway massacre has risen to seven, with at least one of the injured remaining in “life-threatening” condition, authorities said Sunday.

The gunman, who first opened fire at troopers after being stopped in a routine traffic stop, went on a drive-by rampage where he eventually killed seven and injured more than 20 people, authorities said.

The shooting, a white man in his 30s who has not been identified, was then also killed in a shootout with cops in a movie theater parking lot.

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  1. Gun control is 100% not the answer as has been proven in Chicago where there are almost 2000 victims shot since Jan. and has the strictest gun control laws in the country. Texas should continue facilitating their gun laws, allowing more people to purchase guns. That would be the answer to these Deep State False Flags murdering innocent people.


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