DeBlasio Declares City Funded Health Care for All, Including Undocumented Citizens

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a $100 million plan that he said would provide affordable “healthcare for all,” reaching about 600,000 undocumented immigrants, low-income residents not enrolled in Medicaid and young workers whose current plans are too expensive.

The plan, which de Blasio dubbed “NYC Care,” will offer public health insurance on a sliding price scale based on income, the mayor said during an interview Monday morning on MSNBC. It will begin later this year in the Bronx, will be available to all New Yorkers in 2021, and would cost at least $100 million annually at full scale, according to the mayor’s office.

The plan reflects the priority that Democrats have placed on affordable health care, which was a major issue in the 2018 mid-term elections that have given the party a majority in the House of Representatives.

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  1. since when does he have the right to spend NY Taxpayers monies on ILLEGALS by an “executive order”????

    and the democrats don’t allow President Trump any executive orders…………..

  2. “Undocumented citizens”?????

    They are NOT citizens they are here illegally and have no right to take anything from the legal taxpayers of this city!


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