Deeply Moving Song by Rav Meir Shapiro Presented in Honor of Upcoming Dirshu World Siyum

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One of the profoundly moving moments at the Dirshu Siyum Hashas in Yerushalayim in 2012, was when Reb Avrohom Bleeman, the father-in-law of Dirshu’s Nasi, Rav Dovid Hofstedter got up in front of thousands of yidden gathered at the siyum and sang a moving song that was taught to him by the great Rav Meir Shapiro, founder of Yeshivas Chachmei Lubin and the Daf HaYomi.

In the 1920’s Rav Meir Shapiro visited the small town of Drildz, Poland. He gathered all of the children in the town and taught them this poignant niggun in Yiddish. Reb Avrohom, a Holocaust survivor-may he be well- was one of those children. He has never forgotten it.

In honor of the upcoming Dirshu World Siyum, Dirshu is proud to present this rendition of Reb Avrohom singing Hein Goalti.


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