Defense Secretary Esper On The Hot Seat

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Defense Secretary Mark Esper is on the hot seat with President Donald Trump, sources told Bloomberg.

And, while Trump intends to replace Esper after the election, according to sources, the defense secretary is planning to leave the administration regardless, a source told Bloomberg.

Esper is committed to serving as long as Trump wants him to, per the source who asked not to be identified.

A Reuters source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the two men were “not in a good place” but Trump did not intend to move on Esper until voters have rendered their judgment on a second Trump term Nov. 3.

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    • RAM,

      True. He is a rarity in the Trump Administration in that he actually knows something about the job he is supposed to be doing.

  1. Trump seems to love tell-all books about himself. Every time he fires someone he is asking for another trove of damaging information to be released. After almost four years I’m still not sure if he realizes this yet.


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