Degel Hatorah Gathers To Be Maspid R’ Ahron Leib Shteinman Z”l


In Beis Degel Hatorah, in Bnei Brak, a special gathering was held on Thursday evening, attended by Rabbis, Knesset members and representatives of local authorities, to mark the memory of Maran Rosh Hayeshivah Reb Aharon Leib Steinman zt “l.

The speakers during the conference were Hagaon R Ephrati and Rabbi Zochovsky, as well as Knesset members who spoke and were maspid for a full hour .

In his speech, Degel Hatorah MK Moshe Gafni harshly criticized the group that fought against Rav Shteinman and expressed his regret and request for forgiveness for the fact that the Degel Hatorah party did not do enough to protest against them.

Gafni also related to the enormous loss of of Maran and the great simplicity and humbleness he possessed that even secular people were amazed and impressed by.

Gafni than added that “In a few years people will say, ‘Okay, what’s the big deal, the world any way carried him on their shoulders,and highly respected him. Look at the hespeidim , see how greatly the secular people hold of him see how they admire him , so what’s the big deal?!

“But we will always remember that there were those who went and spoke against against him”

“We ask for his forgiveness that we did not do enough to preserve and protect, his dignity.”

{ Israel News}


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