DELAYED: New York Yeshivos Postpone Post-Yom Tov Restart

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In light of the ever-changing medical and political landscape, a number of New York yeshivas and schools have announced that they will be delaying the resumption of in-person studies after Yom Tov, has learned.

These mosdos will begin the post-Sukkos/winter term via remote learning.

Some of these schools have announced that classes will resume in person a week late, while many have said that they will stick with remote learning until further notice.

As this is a dynamic and ongoing situation, particulars are likely to change according to the ever-changing realities of the medical and political arena.



  1. “In light of the ever-changing medical and political landscape” Nothing medical, ALL political. They’re currently continuing to drain the swamp in NY and other cities and States where clusters of the elite corona criminals are hiding. Postponing Yeshivos are to keep innocent people out of harms way while the invisible enemy – who know they are being pursued – can retaliate, esp. against groups or children.

  2. Blame the idiots who keep on taking the useless test. Since there are almost zero covid19 fatalities these days in NY/NJ area, therefore no stupid test = no corona.


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