Demand For Kosher Beach

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Chareidim of Israel’s northernmost town, Nahariya, are upset that its kosher beach has become unusable for the past two years since the municipality stopped assigning life guards there.

“Locals feel discriminated against due to the fact that there is no separate-gender beach for the many chareidim living here,” said local activist Lior Buchris. “In the recent past, more and more chareidi families are coming to live here and there is still no solution.

“There was a separate beach until two years ago after a long struggle of chareidim against the municipality,” he said. “But in the past two years there has been no solution. It angers people that they have nowhere to send their children. We are forced to send our kids to beaches in Ako and at present it’s dangerous there [due to an Arab population].”

 David Steger – Israel


  1. @cohen, why be sarcastic? Our Frum brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel don’t have the luxuries we have here in Eretz Hagashmius. They don’t have sleep away camps or indoor gyms or pools either. The little bit of summer fun that they could potentially have, has been taken away, so now what is your thought?

    • Let them do what people did in the catskills years ago. Wheter religious or not everyone shared the same pool! Everyone tries to emulate the previous generations. But leave out the main ingrediant! Ehrlichkiet

      • I don’t know where you were in the Catskills, but everywhere I was in the past 50 years had gender separate swimming times. No one even thought about mixed swimming as an option.

        Let’s not forget that religious residents pay their “arnona” municipal tax like everyone else, which entitles them to get the city services they need.

        • In the 1950s many choshava families used mixed facilities for swimming. I can’t tell you if the adults participated but the adults brought the kids! And that means the adults were by the pool! Don’t revise history!


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