Democrat Cries To ‘Defund Police’ Fade In Mayoral Races As Crime Surges

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Republicans effectively labeled some Democrats as police “defunders” during the 2020 elections, even though most mainstream candidates — including President Joe Biden — never embraced the movement pushed by party progressives.

Democrats want to avoid similar pitfalls in 2021 as crime continues to surge. Last month, the FBI reported murders rose nearly 30% in 2020, while violent crime overall went up for the first time in four years.

That trend has not abated in cities like Atlanta, where homicides have risen more than 60% since 2019.

A Pew Research Center poll released this week found 47% of Americans want to see police spending increase, up from 31% in June 2020. Only 15% said funding should be reduced, down from 25% last year.

Polls show Black voters — who are more likely to be victims of crime and live in neighborhoods with high crime rates — are particularly opposed to cutting funding.

“Communities that tend to be Black and brown, that tend to be less affluent, actually want police,” said Tammy Greer, a political science professor at Clark Atlanta University. “The pendulum was always going to shift back.”

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  1. But yet DeBlasio wants to fire a third of the entire NYPD force over some illegal vaccine mandate. His ignorant excuse that he’ll just have the officers who are staying, to work overtime and illegally steal their vacation time, is absurd and counterproductive. The cops who are staying will resent this idiot and his puppet Dermot Shea. Crime will spiral out of control and this City will descend into total chaos. DeBlasio is a present danger and must be removed/impeached from office.


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